A wip shot today of my Chaos Space Marine Rhino. Four more high resolution pictures after the jump. 

I still need to weather the tank, add blood to the spiked ram and paint the gunner, but I wanted to share the tank so far.

I've painted any vision slits or holes with a glowing fiery colour. This is to mimic my Daemon Engines and help tie the tank in with the rest of the army. I also painted the face plates the same colour as the Daemon skin in my army. It really helps reinforce the feel that this tank is possessed by a machine spirit. 

The Rhino really needs metal trim to make it look like a Chaos Space Marine vehicle. I've added daemonic faceplates, spiked racks, gargoyle heads to the exhausts and painted large eye catching iconography in an attempt to chaosify the tracked transport. On it's own, it looks like a Black Legion vehicle but when I stand it next to the Heldrake, Helbrute and Forgefiend it stands out quite a lot and looks different. 

Good news for fans of Dark Vengeance. This Saturday I'm posting a tutorial for painting Cultists. Just in time to see Dark Vengeance return to store shelves.