Lately, in my games with my Night Goblin army I have been taking a Boss with the Arabyan Carpet (either Warboss or Big Boss depending on the points limit). They add a flexible, fast moving warmachine hunter, or in some cases — a cheap piece of chaff. Besides all the tactical reasons, they are just silly and fun. So rather than just using any ol' Boss model for the purpose, I decided to make a WYSIWYG model and came up with this little guy.

The carpet is obviously green stuff that I shaped and laid over a paint pot to cure with the curve. The stalagmites are made with Sculpy. A skull and some 'shrooms were clipped from the Night Goblin command sprue and added around the base. His right arm is a Skaven Stormvermin champions arm trimmed a bit shorter and the icons shaved off ... makes him look buff and "Bossy." :)