Here he is Markus Wulfhart, Huntsmarshal of the Empire and the finest scout in all the Empire. He first gained notoriety when driven by revenge he slew the Drakwald Cyclops. He then swore that no other village or settlement would suffer the fate of his beloved Drakenburg and has since spent his time hunting the various monsters that prey on the people of the Empire. 

Markus refused Karl Franz's offer of knighthood preferring instead to continue his quest to slay all the big uglies pestering everyone rather than be a landed nobel. Karl Franz was so impressed by this and his deeds that he gave Markus the title of Huntsmarshal, the Emperor's Captain of Scouts and his shiny magical pew pew, The Amber Bow.

I am a huge fan of this guys fluff and the model is spot on. If I were to play an Empire army he would be in every list and I would keep a running tally of monsters he slew. He is rather spendy points wise but comes with some rather nice rules that make him worth it imo.

I probably shouldn't have painted the blue so vivid and the lining of the cloak maybe a bit more dingy to fit his outdoors huntsman nature but I really like how it turned out anyways.