Hey all, today I bring something special, well special to me as these are my very own Daemon Princes of Nurgle. I very rarely get to paint anything for myself as I'm normally busy painting other peoples models. I painted the two Daemon Princes over the duration of the summer along with a couple of Rhinos, a Landraider, 2 Vindicators and a bunch of half painted Plague marines.

The first Daemon Prince I shamefully stole the idea how he looks from another gamer who posted his Prince up on internet. I really liked what he did with modelling so I had to take the idea for my own one. The second Daemon Prince is the Forge World one. I have painted this particular model about ten plus times now for other people. So eventually having my own is quite nice, even though I think painting wise I spent more on other peoples than my own one. What do you think. Do any of you have a job etc that steals so much of your time that you cant find time to paint your own models? I'd be interested to know.