Hello, my name is Konrad, also known as Uruk's Customs, and I'm gonna guest post on Tale of Painters for a while. I’m In the hobby for about 11 years, more or less since Games Workshop introduced The Lord of the Rings wargame. My beginnings were really sloppy, like most painters I guess – I still have some pictures with my horrible, just horrible Moria Goblins I like to look at to remind me where I came from. Anyway, after LOTR I decided to move over to 40k, inspired by a few friends who shared the fascination of its setting. My army of choice was without much thought Chaos Space Marines - bloodthirsty legion of the Blood God, World Eaters.

First of all, here’s what started it – two squads of classic Khorne Berzerkers, who were the sole reason I chose Angron’s legion. I was simply in love with their adorned helmets and savage looks.

Squad Vragar, my first 40k unit I ever put together. They went through some minor upgrades over the time, such as the addition of Forge World’s bits.

Squad Decimus, my second unit. I wanted it to be easily distinguished from the first unit which wasn’t that easy considering they’re all the same sculpts. I added some trophy racks and bits from WFB Warriors of Chaos to make them look even more savage and gladiator-like.

Assault squad Calavius. I knew I’d want to make a World Eaters assault marines squad at some point, and even though I loved the classic Raptors look, I wanted them to be more like just Berzerkers with jump packs.

Next up are my Terminators. I built them inspired by one of my biggest gurus, Wade’s Workshop. Still waiting for GW to release proper legion rules so they could actually be threatening… I also magnetized the whole squad for a gallery of combi-weapons for every occasion.

Last, but definitely not least is my all time favorite Chaos HQ – Kharn the Betrayer and his (still not complete, as I need eight) retinue consisting of classic, metal Berzerker Champions. I’m a huge fan of classic models and spent quite a lot of time looking for these (still do!).

Stay tuned for part two – reinforcements from Forge World. Also make sure to visit my Facebook page :)