While I'm putting the last finishing touches to my Wave Serpent, I've assembled and converted this female Farseer. You've probably seen it already on our Facebook page, where I asked whether I should remove the shoulder guards or not. What do you think by the way? It was Garfy's idea, to make the model more feminine. Please tell me in the comments.

According to the background, craftworld Iybraesil is a matriarchal society and thus I decided that I wanted the leader of my army to be female, too. I've had this conversion in my mind for quite a while, and I'm pleased that all worked out as planned. The upper body is made from a Dark Eldar wyches torso. The rune was carefully cut from the original torso and glued on. The head comes from the Dark Elf Black Dragon kit. I even changed the direction of the topknot to better match the flow of the cape.

Can't wait to slap some paint on her (erm... does this sound dubious?). How do you like the conversion?