Hello again! Uruk here, guest posting with another part of my World Eaters army. Today we’ll take a look at the rest of my infantry forces – this time made with various Forge World conversion sets (and more!). I took advantage of the fact that the actual World Eaters legion doesn’t exist anymore and is composed of many shattered warbands, and modelled my forces so they actually look like a bigger warband made of two smaller ones – original World Eaters 4th Assault Company (showcased in previous post) and Berserkers of Skallathrax (simply because Forge World’s World Eaters upgrade pack looks exactly the same as BoS Berzerker artwork).

Now for some pictures:

Squad Mordax. I’m in the middle of upgrading all my World Eaters squad to be equipped with axes only, so I might as well call these guys still WIP.

Teeth of Khorne squad – my single infantry heavy support team (not counting allies). Armed with four autocannons, my favorite chaos special/heavy weapon option. Those guns are vicious and look just great.

Bike Squad Ravagers, lead by champion Verulus the Rave. Armed with two meltaguns and meltabombs, these guys are not only a fast and deadly assault force, but also perfect tank hunters when needed.

Servants of Blood cult. Autogun armed cultists lead by champion Hasur. Since the Dark Vengeance snap-fit cultists are a clone army, I converted some of them to avoid having identical models. I also used Maxmini.eu’s Fallen Legionnaire heads – they make great, Blood Pact-looking Khorne cultists.

Second Servants of Blood cult pack, this time kitted out for close combat. Same thing as with the other squad – minor conversions and headswaps. I’ve got about 30 more cultists on my table waiting to be converted and painted.

Lastly, more HQs. First, Zhufor the Impaler, Lord of the Skulltakers. I simply love this model – details are so crisp and intricate I was really worried I might screw him up. He was also a bit annoying to put toghther, thanks to some very delicate parts, but the final effect was definitely worth it.

To finish it off for today, my Daemon Prince of Khorne. I don’t have a name for it yet, since I rarely use it (thanks GW for making Khorne DP even worse than it already was). I’m a big fan of the old metal DP and not really fond of the new plastic kit, so I obviously chose this one. I gave it plastic DP’s wings, added a pair of Berzerker helmet “ears” and converted the Axe of Blind Fury.

That’s all for today, stay tuned for part three – vehicles and walkers.