Hey folks, Uruk here. Time has come for me to say farewell to Tale of Painters, but before that let’s take one final jump to take a look at the last part of my World Eaters.

In this part I’ll show you my allied force of the Red Corsairs warband Chaos Space Marines. Since I’m one of those fluffy players, I prefer my World Eaters to be as berserker-ish as possible. Because of that, I decided to build a small detachment of Red Corsairs (which is my favorite traitor warband) containing units I don’t exactly see as fitting for World Eaters.

First of all, two squads of basic Chaos Space Marine troops. I built them using a lot of various bits and components, including CSM and SM ranges. There’s also a couple old models, which as you already know I absolutely love. Both units are armed with bolters and close combat weapons, but I modelled them so one squad is more assault oriented, while the other is more shooty.

Next up we have a unit of Chosen. They’re armed with four plasma guns and I mostly play them count-as Draznicht’s Ravagers for that sweet preferred enemy USR. I wanted my Chosen to have a more distinct look than regular CSM (closer to those awesome sculpts from Dark Vengeance) and the new plastic Raptors delivered exactly what I needed. I also added some more spiky adorns to their armors, using some Dark Eldar bits.

And now for even bigger guns. Havocs squad armed with four missile launchers. While they might not be as exciting in terms of conversion as the Chosen, they still have some unique features. Two of them are original metal (well, one is half metal) models, while the rest has been built from scratch and SM weapons. I converted their backpacks by adding ammo feeders similar to those which SM use.

Next up are the HQs. First in the line is my Juggernaut mounted Chaos Lord. I mostly run him using Crimson Slaugher artifacts, hence the sword in his hand. This is pretty much only a temporary model anyway, I’m planning to make a true World Eaters Lord armed with Axe of Blind Fury to run with my Berzerker Bikers.

Chaos Sorcerer Praedonis. While it would be completely unfluffy to include a Sorcerer in a World Eaters army, my Red Corsairs seem a perfect way to sneak one into my detachment. I converted him using various bits (I wouldn’t be able to list half the boxes they’re from) and armed him with power axe. He’s yet to prove himself usable…

Finally, the master of the Red Corsairs – Huron Blackheart. It’s one of the newer CSM characters, so his sculpt is way more detailed and intricate & really fun to paint. He’s proven to be a really useful HQ on the tabletop too, providing my assault troops with much needed Infiltrate USR.

And that’s it folks! I showcased my whole 40k collection so far. I had a really great time guest posting here on Tale of Painters, got some amazing feedback and I’m more than ready to continue expanding my forces. As far as future projects go, I’ve got a Lord of Skulls in the works that actually should be finished pretty soon, a second squad of Bikers, Raptors & Juggernaut Lord and after all that, some Khorne Daemons to top it off.

Once again, big thanks to the Tale of Painters crew for having me, and to you guys for looking and all those kind comments! If you wish to see more progress and new models in my ever growing World Eaters army, be sure to find me on Facebook and on Flickr.

I’ll see you around!