Well I can't put these off any longer. I'm going to get on and finish these so I can move on to other projects. Check out my bases and test model after the jump.

I sculpted the trees and roots myself in an attempt to make these models better. I used sand and slate to add more interest to the bases. I like the bases more than the actual models. 

It was quite difficult finding film still references to paint these spiders accurately. In the film they're shown in a dark, blue light which made it difficult to work out their colourisation. The Eavy Metal team pretty much just painted theirs black with some small highlights and minor colourings. Having spent a large amount of money on these I wasn't prepared to just dry brush some greys on and call them done. 

For my solution, I ended up following in my friend Cat's footsteps. She's a big fan of painting and using real life examples. So, that's what I did. I found an awesome spider called the Brown Widow and replicated it's colourings. I feel the new colour scheme and detailed bases are going a long way to improving these awfully basic and truly expensive models.

Quick question for you guys, should I do a tutorial for this scheme, or is it not film accurate enough to warrant a tutorial?