As my Shadow Spectres are finished now and just need to be photographed for the blog, I thought the release of all the new Dark Eldar models would be a great occasion to add something new to my Dark Eldar collection. I managed to resist the urge to go out and buy some of the new stuff, as I still have a couple of unbuilt Dark Eldar models waiting to be painted.

So I decided to build a Venom to transport the squad of Incubi I painted earlier this year instead. As you can see I chose the trophy rack balustrade for the Venom to compliment the look of the Incubi models. I also built an Incubi gunner from Kabalite Warrior parts and a spare Incubi head. The trophy rack on the back of the gunner comes from the Wyches sprue. I feel that the three trophy racks give the Venom a really cool silhouette that looks very distinct from my first Venom. What do you think?