I've decided to enter Armies on Parade this year. This year, it's only a store level competition. There is no judging final at Games Day (or Warhammer Fest as it's now known). Judging for Armies on Parade will be held on 25th October. So I have just over a month. Read on to find out what I'm entering. 

Just over a month isn't enough time for me to paint a new army. So I've decided to dust off my existing Orc army. Having chosen my army, it was time to sketch out some ideas. Above is the sketch I've chosen to go with. It may change slightly when I come to developing it but the initial concept is Orc regiments marching out of a wooden Orc Fortress. The drawbridge (which I will call a jawbridge) will form part of the mouth of the effigy above the entrance.

I feel Orcs wouldn't build a fortress for protection. They'd build a monument to idolise their Gods Gork and Mork. It's important I get that across in this build. With the face above the jawbridge, I think it would be nice to add clawed fists to the towers. 

Tune in next time to see the dry fit.