Spent some quality hobby time over the weekend getting this guy assembled and base coated. Using a Rat Ogre from the Island of Blood and a Stormvermin kit. The blade is just a piece of styrene and the reins are green stuff. He is looking pretty epic. 

In a couple weeks I get to go to my very first team event. The Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge down in Portland. They have a very odd and subjective comp system that requires a bit of mind reading to meet compliance. Since none of our team has this magical power, three of our four lists were deemed too powerful and must be revised and resubmitted. Mind you this is two weeks before the event ... sigh. My Night Goblins are the only list to pass ... but barely.

My buddy Aidan is playing my Skaven for this event and his concession was to drop the Screaming Bell, ALL magic from his list and take a Warlord on Rat Ogre Bone Breaker instead. I think we are still waiting to hear if this is acceptable or is now "too weak". In the mean time I will keep working on this guy in the hopes it is fine ... subjective comp sucks.