Hey there, I arrived save and sound from my trip to the UK and Warhammer Fest, so I finally found the time to finish the Venom I started painting before my vacation. Check out more pictures after the jump.


The Dark Eldar Venom is a lovely model. I like that the kit is so customizable. I've already built and painted one Venom for my Dark Eldar collection, so for the second one I chose different parts such as the trophy racks and chain hooks, which changes the look of the vehicle a lot.

The trophy rack theme also works very well with my converted Incubi gunner, who also sports a trophy rack on his back. The three trophy racks give the model a really mean silhouette.

Here you can see the Venom along with my Incubi squad. The Incubi gunner was built from Kabalite Warrior parts, a trophy rack from the Wyches sprue and a spare Incubi head.

How do you like my paint job? Tell me in the comments!