Hey all :) Today I bring you a Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber. I've been a little quiet on ToP recently due to the amount of commission work that I have to complete. It's really been that crazy and hopefully soon I should start posting more again. Initially I was planning on painting it the usual Dark Eldar green color scheme that GW had done, but decided against it.

I'm back on my ongoing love for the art style of the film Promethius and decided to use a simple color scheme of Nato black, black, metallics and white with a splash of blood on the razors. I was also looking at Stealth bombers used in the military. It took about 3 days to complete and I quite like the way it turned out as it compliments the Wrack models that I showed last week. I painted the screen in gloss black, something I personally like with my models but some don't. I have also been playing around with black backgrounds, but not so certain whether I like it or not. What do you think? Black backgrounds or white?