As I mentioned in previous posts I just recently attended my first team event. My buddy on the team wanted to play my Skaven for the event. The organizers wouldn't let him run the Screaming Bell so he asked me to make up this brute for the list. I guess the good thing about wacky comp systems is the cool stuff you get to make up to fit them.

I used the Rat Ogre for the Island of Blood box, the champion bits from the Storm Vermin kit, a standard from the Clan Rat kit and a bit of green stuff and styrene plastic to put him together.

I know, the blade is huge ... it is suppose to be the Ogre Blade so needed to be Ogre sized. I wanted to use a blade from the Iron Gut kit but didn't have one so just shaped mine out of styrene to look nice and brutal. 

He needed something to hang onto so the harness/reins I added with thin ribbons of green stuff. I also bent the plastic of the Warlords feet a bit to contour with the Ogre better. If there was more time then maybe a full sculpted saddle or something would have been possible. As it was I barely finished this guy in time.

My buddy says he did pretty well in the games and I can't wait to roll some dice for him too soon.

(Sorry about the fuzziness of some of the shots above. My depth of field was off a bit that shoot.)