I'm using Balsa wood to clad my Gorktress Walls to make it look like a timber structure. Orcs aren't known for their neatness so odd sized, mis-matched pieces are perfect. Read on to see how I added texture to the Balsa Wood. 

Balsa Wood doesn't have a strong grain texture. It's really soft though and easy to deboss. I'm using a dedicated emboss/deboss tool which you can purchase at most craft stores. 

I deboss the whole sheet before using a craft knife to cut the sheet into strips. It's really easy to cut it along the grain. Then I cut the strips into small irregular sized pieces. 

I then used a craft knife to whittle the edges of the wood to make them look like a mob of Orcs used their choppas to fashion trees into planks.  Finally I glue the pieces onto the foamcore fort.