If you've been following my Armies on Parade project you'll know I won my local Games Workshop's competition. It was close though, I was tied for first place and someone had to cast the deciding vote. Andy's impressive Iron Hand's collection collected the Silver medal. Andy is top bloke and a good friend and I really wanted to share his amazing collection with everyone. More after the jump. 

Hi everyone! First & foremost, Garfy, a truly awesome display & a very worthy winner of our AoP competition - my total congrats mate!!!

This has been the first major competition I've entered & I have to be honest I wasn't expecting anything, there were numerous entries & they all looked superb, I was chuffed to bits to even receive a medal let alone receive silver!!

My Iron Hands army has been a great project, & will continue to grow! I love the models, especially the MKIII squads & the Immortals, they are packed with fantastic cybernetic details, which means that even though the paint scheme (black & iron) is quite straight forwards, there are loads of bits to pick out. I also love the cold sinister look that they have.

The Immortals presented the biggest challenge, the way the kits go together meant they were very limited in the way I could pose them, achieving even minor variations with the poses required me to do sculpting work, which I have never really tackled, however it was really enjoyable to do & I think they turned out ok!

Being self critical, I know that the major flaw with my army was the basing & detailing - A lot of the models had different base styles which didn't match the board at all & there were a lot scopes & sensors that I missed, I need to focus on keeping everything coherent (& not changing my mind halfway through!) & making sure everything is done one one thing before moving on - plenty of things to improve on & learn from.

I'm looking forwards to next year already!