I've shown this Trygon before. I'm sharing it again because i've updated it's base. It's previous base was hand made by myself and pretty awful. Find out how I got my hands on a spare oval base after the jump. 

If you're a longtime reader, you might remember my post where I rebased my Grey Knight army to match my Ultramarine's bases. I bought new bases for my Grey Knights and most of the old small bases were thrown away, but I threw the large oval base in a drawer and forgot about it until now!

I chipped all of the cork, slate and model pieces off the base and glued on fresh sand. A quick paint job and viola, the Forge World Trygon now has a proper base to match the rest of the army. 

Sometimes it's these small things that can make all the difference. 

Right, now back to the Toxicrene!