More fun with Blood Angels on Tale of Painters ;) A while ago I painted a Blood Angel for a tutorial on Tale of Painters. It was actually a test model for a small allied Blood Angels contingent that I have in mind for my Ultramarines. I really love Blood Angels and their background (actually not the Vampire thing, more the master artisans and nobility theme), and I guess if the Death Company kit had been around back then when I started my Ultramarines army, I would have rather collected Blood Angels instead.

However, the way allies and army selection work nowadays is a perfect excuse to expand my rather large power-armoured collection with some new "flavours". The first addition will be an assault squad (with melters - who doesn't like jumping melters). I bought Mk4 assault squads from FW, as I felt the single thruster jump packs would look great with Sanguinary Guard. And they would be very distinct from my "stock" Ultramarines assault squad.

To spice things up, I also added parts from the Death Company kit and lots of other parts from my extensive Space Marine bitz box. Can't wait to get them painted. How do you like them?