Hey all :) Today I'm showing the Glottkin model that I picked up on the weekend. He sure is a big one as you can see from the scale comparison next to a Forge World Great Unclean One. You will have to forgive me for the rather lackluster photo as one of my lamps blew just before taking this, but I think you can get the idea for how he looks. Model wise I'm really impressed by him as I think he looks a lot nicer in person than from the photos I saw in White Dwarf. It was fairly simple to build. I've been hearing a lot of talk about using him as a Greater Daemon of Nurgle. The only problem I see is that his back is fairly empty without the two Warriors of Chaos models, but you could use some Plaguebearers to replace them or some other models. Overall I really like this model and should have some photo's up in the next few days once he's all done. What do you think of the new End Times models so far?