Captain Karlaen was given the mission of extracting Planetary Governor Augustus Flax from Phodius. The Spawn of Cryptus wasn't going to make this easy for the Blood Angels. Showcase photographs after the jump. 

Captain Karlaen in a limited edition miniature, only available in the Deathstorm Boxset (which is a "while stocks last" product). The model is a multipart plastic kit and doesn't include any additional parts or options.

With a minimal amount of tinkering you would be able to convert this model (head and weapon swaps)

The Captain is a character (unique) and gets his own data sheet in the Deathstorm campaign booklet. I think that is pretty awesome that you get a special character with his own rules. The Spawn of Cyprus is exactly the same, he isn't a standard Broodlord. 

Of course, you can use this model as a standard Captain in terminator armour if you wish, but the weapon load out isn't the most effective. 

Even though Karlaen is a 7ft tall Adepts Astartes clad in tactical dreadnought armour he looks absolutely tiny compared to the Spawn of Cryptus which is absolutely huge. His claws look like he could just shear off the Captain's arms. 

Death storm has really captured my imagination (as you can see by my recent cinematic like photography) and I'm itching to paint more from the set. What was the last hobby project you had that you loved working?