It feels great to get these models finally finished. They've been undercoated black and sat on my shelf since the Space Hulk came out in 2009. Check out some close ups after the jump including a full brood of twenty with their Brood Lord. 

I really enjoyed just grabbing these off the shelf and painting them. They were't planned and it was totally sporadic. 

Reds, pinks and bone colours are some of the hardest to paint over a black undercoat. It takes several layers to get nice, bright results. A batch paint of nine models took some time (nearly two weeks). 

I think I may have caught the bug (pun intended) to paint more Tyranids. I really enjoyed painting the Toxicrene. I bought the Deathstorm boxset, so I have the new Tyranid Warriors, a Carnifex, eight Genestealers and the limited edition Brood Lord to paint now. The Brood Lord, also known as the Spawn of Cryptus is very similar to the Space Hulk Brood Lord pictured below. The Spawn of Cryptus is the next model on my painting table. 

Here's the completed brood. I love the sculpts of these, even the ones with only three arms. Watch this space for my Tyranid posts soon.