The Spawn of Cryptus is the Tyranid Warlord from the Death Storm box set. It's a limited edition model and is only available in the £75 boxed game. It's a hulking brute of a Broodlord, noticeably larger than the metal/finecast original model.

The stooped over pose is so menacing. I imagine the creature creeping up on enemies and plunging it's claws into the an unsuspecting enemy. Each of it's talons are easily the length of a sword which makes this beast even scarier. Edward Scissor Hands has nothing on the Spawn of Cryptus!

My trademark yellow spotting has been used on the base's growth. Interestingly, I don't paint the spots on my genestealers. I don't see Genestealers as pure Tyranids because they're not born in Hive Fleet spawning vats or brood nests. Genestealers evolve from a host organism after having been impregnated by a Purestrain gene stealer or a Broodlord. 

It's even slightly bigger than the Space Hulk Broodlord. It's the Space Hulk Broodlord where this model takes most of it's design cues but it's been updated to be a super Broodlord. It now features a face blade, longer claws, more detail on the spine, reposed arms and a the pile of skulls has been replaced with a mini capillary tower growth on the base.

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