This huge writhing mass of whip-like tentacles is complete! The model is a lot of fun to paint, because it's not like any other Tyranid model out there. It's huge and really dynamic, you can almost imagine the lashwhips are moving.  After the hyper toxic jump you will get a whole host of different angles and some size comparison shots. 

The Toxicrene is a really poisonous creature, this is reinforced with my bright paint scheme. It looks deadly to the touch. My Hive Fleet is actually called Dendrobates which is the latin name for poison dart frogs. I'm not sure anyone would want to lick a Toxicrene.

On a couple of my recent big creatures I tried a different way of highlighting the black carapace. It was just a grey edge highlight. It was simpler and quicker but far less effective. I've actually gone back to the original way I paint the carapace for this one.

Here's the group shot with some different sized Tyranids for scale purposes.  Now the big question, do I buy more Tyranids? I'm actually painting 9 Genestealers from my first Space Hulk box set.  I mounted onto 25mm round bases and I'm painting them in this colour scheme. More pictures soon.