Merry Christmas and season's greetings to you! Hope you enjoy our new design. Well, this is a model I've built before I've left for christmas. When the Eldar flyer was released, I loathed its look. I would have preferred something along the line of Forge World's Phoenix, something that resembles the shape of the Falcon more. But we've got an Eldar version of the Razorwing with an animal head instead. Well, I've grown to accept it, and with some of my modifications I like the model better.

As you can see, I've carefully removed the bunny ears. I also replaced the shortened bright lances with proper ones (they're called bright lances and not bright stubs after all), which help to break up the arrowhead shape. I've also thought about removing the canards at the nose, but then I didn't want to mess up this rather expensive model. All in all the kit was pretty easy to assemble with a good fit. There are however a lot of unsightly seams that need to be filled.

Who changed the look of his (or her) Eldar flyers as well?