Cassor's auto-servos kicked into life and spun the Dreadnought's chassis on the spot as the Beast of Phodia thundered through the darkness, kicking up plumes of smoke and knocking rubble and debris flying. Numerous worm-like organisms splattered harmlessly against the raging Dreadnought's adamantium armour. Raising his blood talons, Cassor's hydraulics braced for impact. After the jump there are showcase photographs of the Dreadnought and some variant cinematic shots. 

This is an excellent model to paint. A skull faced Dreadnought with huge clawed fists just looks amazing. I decided to paint the whole model by hand and chose not to use my airbrush. I carefully glazed the armour with Eshin grey and then Russ Grey. Fenrisian Grey was used to add some subtle edge highlights. This has created a very natural look, that still looks black. 

The claws were also carefully blended. I plan to use the same recipe on all power bladed weapons and plasma weapons for my 2015 Imperial army project (Dark Angels, Blood Angels and Space Wolves). I'm also thinking red weapon casings for everyone as well. But not sure how that will work with the Blood Angel Terminators. 

The Dreadnought also features some freehand. There is a white Blood Angel Chapter symbol on a shin pad and the shoulders feature a skull and a big red cross. I also sponged on some silver chipping to show the armour is a little battered. 

Above, you can see the size difference between the Carnifex and the Dreadnought. Perhaps more interesting the size comparison of the 60mm Dreadnought base and the new oval base only seen on the Carnifex model so far. 

To finish off three more variant cinematic shots. I always post these on my Facebook and there are some on there that never make it on to the blog. So check it out and feel free to send me a friend request.