Hello all, this is quite a cool new start to the year with the release of the Skaven models. I picked up the Skaven Verminlord on the weekend and I'm really getting excited about painting him up. I'll have photo's up in the next few days. Besides the new Skaven models I am also working on some Blightking's and a large Eldar Wraithguard army which I will also show at some point. For today I thought I'd show a Nurgle Decimator that I painted about 3 plus years ago.

I have always liked this model. Unfortunately for me I sold this one a while ago, but I'm thinking about picking another one up at some point for myself. I still like what I did with him, but I think painting wise I have improved a lot since then as everyone does over the years. What do you think? and do you like the new Skaven models?