Hey guys, today I can finally present you the finished Crimson Hunter. More pictures and ramblings after the jump.

Obviously I went with a different route than the 'Eavy Metal team and chose my regular turquoise Iybraesil paint scheme over going full crimson. I just like uniform looking armies ;)

However, I painted a single panel crimson and added a transfer of the Crimson Hunter rune. I imagine the pilot is wearing crimson aspect armour as well (obviuosly he isn't visible as I paint my canopies and don't leave them clear). Speaking of transfers, I noticed GW has improved the quality of their transfers a lot. The Eldar decal sheets I found in my War Walker and Wraithlord boxes were printed differently, thicker so to speak. Now the yellow and white print is totally opaque once the transfer has set. Pretty nice.

Just as on my other Iybraesil vehicles, I also used my self-made transfers I designed them with a vector drawing software (Adobe Illustrator) and printed them on decal paper with a laser printer.

I remember that I loathed the look of the Crimson Hunter/Hemlock Wraithfighter when the model was released. However, in the flesh, it's actually quite nice. I also feel that my modifications benefit the model a lot. I carefully shaved off the bunny ears and also mounted proper bright lance barrels instead of the stubs that come with the model.

How do you like my rendition of the Crimson Hunter? Tell me in the comments.