The Space Marines didn't stand a chance, their mechanised patrol was being watched with alien eyes. Without warning the Rhino's disembarkation klaxon was ringing. The rhino had thrown a track after triggering a stray spore-mine. The hatches smashed down with a heavy clang...

...Sergeant Arthious barked commands at his squad and the marines left their vehicle, only to be cut down by exploding bio-acid ammunition, their armour melting and their skin burning through to their organs, they refused to scream. Seeing their fallen battle brothers the rest of unit, drew their combat blades and chanted in unison "For the Emperor" and charged out of the Rhino. 

The Tyranid Warriors were ready. Bio-Symbiotic writhing whips entangled the Marines while unnaturally fast blades sliced through power armour, lopping off limbs and deacaptitaing the beleaguered humans. It was over in seconds. A deadly silence fell over the battlefield as the headless corpse of the last marine fell to it's knees. It's helmeted head held in clawed alien fingers. A static hiss broke the silence. "Fourth Company Squad Arthious, confirm your position, over". The Space Marines didn't stand a chance.




My Three Tyranid Warriors from the Deathstorm box set are finished. I had a great time painting these models. Lots of hand blending on the weapons. I'm really pleased with how the blades came out. 

Next up from the Deathstorm set is either Genestealers of Terminators. What would you paint next?