Hey all, today I thought I'd show the beginnings of a Eldar Wraithguard army I'm working on as a commission. I wish it was mine as I really like all the models. The client asked for the models to be painted in the same color scheme as I have painted a few Wraithknight's and Wraithguard's  that I showed several years ago.

I'm painting these guys along with the Verminlord and Thanquol at the same time and it's a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Painting large armies is something I have really got used to as I do it pretty much full time. The hardest thing though for me is the assembly side of it. Putting together this many models in one can be tough work, so I usually have films, tv shows and music blasting in the background to keep me entertained. After I finish the Eldar models I will be working on a non warhammer model, a giant Japanese robot. The robot is a huge figure standing at 3ft tall. You can see from the photos how big the box is. How do you all deal when putting large amounts of models together?