My Deathstorm mission continues with the building of the three Tyranid Warriors. After the jump you can see what I did with some of the spares. 

I've hacked up 6 old warriors and retrofitted them with some new bio-weapons. These models were from a 4th edition warhammer 40,000. They use to be armed with two Deathspitters. I vaguely remember them being twin linked str5 blast weapons. With 6 accurate blasts flying around the unit use to rack up so many hits. However, new Codexes are released and units are no longer legal. I've been meaning to "fix" the squad for years. Raiding the left overs on the Deathstorm sprue and my bit box I could kit out these six warriors.

I also had left over Tyranid Prime parts and luckily my bitz box had a warrior test model that was never finished. I checked the test model's donor card and luckily he's a leg donor. My biggest problem was no spare lash whip. In the end I converted a rending claw to feature a wrist shooting lash whip made from a spare second edition Hive Tyrant lash whip. The scything talons are from a Ravener.

The Prime on the right was my original Prime before there was an official model. I converted a Warrior and Ravener to make the Prime. I've added a bone sword and some shoulder pads to make him look more official. I also mounted them on 50mm bases.

I just want to finish on a dilemma. Base sizes! The Deathstorm set gives the Warriors 50mm bases. Warriors are traditionally mounted on 40mm bases. The easiest thing to do is mount the Deathstorm Warriors to 40mm bases... but they look so good on 50mm bases. There is plenty of room to decorate the bases now. So I've invested in 50mm bases. I plan to rebase 9 Warriors and 2 Primes. Annoying this isn't all my Warriors. I have 6 Rogue Trader Warriors and 6 metal second edition Warriors. These will stay on 40mm bases for the time being.