Hey all, today I'm showing a couple of Forge World MKIC Diemos pattern Rhinos that I painted up for my Death Guard army over the Christmas holidays.

The Christmas period is always a fun time for me when it comes to painting as I use the opportunity of the few days I have free to paint my Death Guard army. I've been working on it for about 4 years now and it's almost complete. I only have 50 Plague Cultists to paint and 3 Blight Drones that I'm using as proxy Obliterators. So hopefully by next Christmas they will all be done. I picked the Forge World Rhino's up a few years ago at Salute which hopefully I plan this year to go to again along with Garfy and DarkJesterLord. It's a good show and always a excuse to pick up some Forge World models without the shipping cost's. Any of you guys attending Salute this year?