Hey all, a real quick one today. This is the new Necron Overlord that I picked up on the weekend and painted up fairly quickly, in total he took me about 45 minutes to fully complete. Part of the reason I was speed painting is that I'm thinking about starting a Necron army and was trying to calculate how quick it would be for me to paint up an entire 1500pt army to play. I believe at this level it may take me a few days at that.

I don't really have too much free time to paint models for myself as I work full time painting other people armies, so I thought if Necron's are quick it would be a good army to go with. Part of the reason for starting a new army is that I have just quit smoking and will use the funds on miniatures. Originally I was planning a Blood Angels army, but the models take a long time to make them look good. What do you guys think? Have any of you chosen a army mainly because you know you can paint it quick due to not having that much free time?