I've decided to renovate my Tyranids. Inspired by my recent Genestealer post I'm going to be revisiting some of my Tyranid models and making them a more coherent force. First up two Tyrannic Primes.


The first prime is a conversion based on Warrior and Ravener parts. It features a metal lash whip I had spare from the Hive Tyrant Kit and one of the Boneswords I had spare from the New Tyranid Warrior kit. 


My Second Prime was made from the spare Prime parts you get in the new Tyranid Warrior boxset. I was a lash whip short so I converted one from a 2nd Edition Hive Tyrant Lash Whip and a rending claw. I like the way the Lash Whip is shooting out from the wrist. I also used Revener Scything Talons because these are a little bigger and have more detail. 

I mounted them on 50mm bases to match my Tyranid Warriors from the Death Storm boxset. 

Next up, I'm going to rebase and touch up 9 Tyranid Warriors. Watch this space.