Hello again! Uruk is back on track with more guest posts incoming. My World Eaters are growing bigger and bigger, and time has come to showcase some of the new stuff I added to the force since my last visit.

Today we’ll take a look at new additions to the World Eaters, and I’m starting big – some of you might remember the list of WIPs and projects I posted in my last showcase, and I (to my own surprise) actually managed to get some of that done! I believe the first thing I mentioned was the Khorne Lord of Skulls which was already half done by that time. It took extra long time, because I also wanted to do a cool little conversion of the blood tanks on his back. Now onto the pictures:


And here’s the mentioned conversion. I didn’t like the tanks with blood painted on, so I went and dremeled each window, then added transparent plastic sheets. I filled the tanks with a mix of PVA glue, black ink and Tamiya Clear red. The effect is pretty subtle, but it’s a nice little addon to the already awesome model.

Next up are some smaller guys again. I finished a second bike squad, this time converted from regular SM bikes and Dark Vengeance’s Ravenwing. I got the fantastic Warp Talon wings idea from the internet but I can’t remember where exactly I found it (if any of you know and can provide a link, that’d be great – I’d love to credit the person who invented it). So, here we go – another part of the World Eaters 4th Assault Company remains – Bloodwing bike squad.

I also managed to paint a few models that were waiting for some brush treatment way too long. There was a time before the 6th edition Chaos Space Marines codex was released when a lot of different rumors were spreading regarding what can we expect of the new book. One of the rumors on the Dark Apostle said they were going to be like Blood Angels’ Sanguinary Priests, so basically Chaos Apothecaries. The thought got me thinking it’d be great to have those, and I converted a three man squad of Blood Surgeons. Unfortunately the rumor wasn’t even close to being true and the models just stood there for two years, waiting for me to finally save them from bare plastic color. Some time ago I was testing the Horus Heresy rules with a friend and I finally got around to painting them. World Eaters Apothecarion detachment – The Blood Surgeons:

Finally, there’s those three guys. Two of them were originally Enhanced Warriors from the old, 2nd edition Fabius Bile boxed set, and the other one is even older. Fabius’s Enhanced Warriors are some of the ugliest GW sculpts ever released, but I couldn’t help myself – I’m a sucker for anything old and metal. They have a lot of cables running along their armor and heads and that, combined with their both angry and ugly faces makes them a good candidate for a Khorne Berzerker. So without much thought, I just gave them chainaxes and painted them in World Eaters colors.


The last guy for today is from 1990’s adventure board game called Space Crusade. It had a lot of models, both Chaos and loyalist Marines, Orks and much more. I got this model from a friend and instantly fell in love with it. He has the same, more mutated and warped style of CSM that’s present in the newest line (Dark Vengeance, Raptors) and it fits them very well. He’s also almost half a head taller than regular CSM! I painted him in Red Corsairs colors and added to my existing Chosen squad.

How do you like them guys? For more of my World Eaters, click here.