Hey guys, now that the Ultramarine Assault Squad is finally out of the way, I treat myself with painting a single character model. I'm not too fond of the official new Sanguinary Priest model, as it is expensive and looks like it was really meant to be Corbulo, so I kitbashed my own instead. I used parts from the Death Company, BA Tactical Squad, and Command Squad kit.

My Priest doesn't carry a chalice, but neither did the old metal model, so I don't think it's a problem. Instead he wears a jump pack, as he is meant to join my BA Assault Squad. My Assault Squad has single thruster jump packs, so he'll definately stand out with his double thrusters (plus I didn't want to waste the cool jump packs that come with the Death Company kit). Painting-wise I'll go for a light cream armour, like on the plastic Sanguinary Priest 'Eavy Metal paint job.

How do you like my kitbash?