Hey Folks! Please excuse the slight name change. I'm still the same painting jester.

I wanted to share with you some slightly converted jetbikes I've just finished working on.

These are kitbashed and converted from the three jetbike boxed set and the finecast seer council boxed set. On all three I kept the jetbike rider's legs and connected the torsos, heads and weapons from the seer council miniatures.

Cloaks were sculpted using Greenstuff and Procreate mixes.

The paint scheme on these was pretty much straight off the painting guide on the box back. Just painted in my own style.

I usually don't use waterslide transfers as I prefer to freehand paint symbols and icons but precise and identical craftworld runes were called for on these three models.

The Farseer was especially good fun. I exercised a little of my inner jester and painted tiny little diamonds fading in from the hems of his robes. Just a little nod to the spirit of the Laughing God.

All in all this was a really good project. I thoroughly enjoyed converting and painting them and the addition of the diamonds had really got me in the mood for some Harlequins. More on that project at a later date. :)