My Tyranid project continues today with another extensive repaint and rebase. Check out more angles after the jump as well as a comparison shot and a link to the original paint job. 

Does anyone else think this side shot looks like an Alien motif? It's very foetal.

For the new base I wanted some kind of burrowing organism to be breaking the surface like the Loch Ness Monster. These pieces are actually made up from Carnifex crushing claws. 

My Red Terror conversion is huge. It's the perfect size fit between a Ravener and a Mawloc. It uses a Carnifex body with some greenstuff added to make fins so it has an evolutionary tie to the Trygon genus. The tail is completely greenstuff. The head uses part of the original model green stuffed to a Carnifex jaw and the tail pincer is the original Red Terror model. 

You can check out the original paint job on the original base by clicking here. I like the toned down yellow patterning and the removal of all the green on the new version.