Hey guys, look what I sneaked in while painting my Death Company: Some retouched Ultramarine Assault Terminators. Check out what I've changed, and browse more pictures after the jump.

These models were painted in 2011 and unlike the Assault Marines I reworked recently, the paint jobs were alright.

All I needed to change was removing the chapter symbol freehands and replace them with transfers. I also added "Ultra" writings to the golden badges and the squad number "II". Last but not least, I added my custom blend of brown static grass to spice up the bases. In case you're wondering, the Sergeant's tabbard comes from the Grey Knight Terminators sprue.

I'm still quite happy with the models and the improvements I made to them just took an hour or two. It was also a good excuse to take some new pictures with my better camera.

Above you can check out an old picture. They didn't change much really, did they? Follow this link for the original showcase post from 2011.

How do you like the lot?