This is once in a life time opportunity right here. If you want to know what's going on, click more after the jump. 

You read the title correctly, I'm selling my entire painted Hobbit collection in three eBay auctions that are live now (at the time of writing this 24.4.15). These are the models that feature in all the Tale of Painters painting tutorials and have been seen by tens of thousands of people on the blog. 

The first auction is the complete Boxed Hobbit Game fully painted and includes a signed mini rulebook by Adam Troke.





The second auction is an impressive warband of all my evil models led by Azog. Anyone who knows this collection from the blog or White Dwarf will know every single model has been treated with care and attention to the point that everything is character standard.





The final auction is the force of good led by Legolas. These are models that don't really fit together apart from them all being good. The eagles complement the elves nicely and 



Earlier I mentioned this is a once in a life time opportunity. The reason being is the majority of this collection has been in three White Dwarf publications, including the coveted army of the month. So sure, you can ask a commission painter to paint all these models to a budget, but it's a lot harder getting that commission painter to get them published in a magazine. This is that special! The bragging rights you'll get at your local Games Workshop/gaming club will be incredible.





So go check them out, spread the word, share this on twitter, Facebook etc. Tag someone you know who's interested. Thanks guys. Click this link to view the auctions.