Hey guys, my Death Company squad is finished. I hope you like them as much as I do :) Treat yourself with more pictures after the jump.

My Death Company squad uses bitz from all over the place. There are parts from the Death Company box obviously, but also from the Sternguard Veterans, the Blood Angels Tactical Squad, Forge World's Mk4 and Mk5 kits and many more. Assembling them and working out what to go where was good fun.

I wrote a tutorial for painting my Death Company last weekend, check it out here. Also have a look at my tutorial for regular Blood Angel Marines. You will find all the paints and techniques I used for painting these models there.

So, what will be next for my Blood Angels? Well, for now I'll take a short break and paint a Fire Prism for my Eldar of Iybraesil. After that, there'll be a Chaplain to lead them into battle, as well as a Death Company Dreadnought. I also bought a Stormraven last year, but it might take a while until it will appear on the blog.

How do you like these models? Tell me in the comments!