Hey all, today I thought I'd show the Forge World Chaos Renegade Militia Command group that I painted up about five years ago.

Before then I had not painted a single model for a good ten years. I had always been passionate about painting models from an early age up until my late teens and then stopped due to studies and other things that young adults pursue. When I got back into the hobby a lot of things had changed including paints,models and rules.I was quite in awe to begin with and had also forgotten how to paint, so I picked up one of the Citadel painting manuals and got learning again. I think its strange how you can be really into a hobby, then drop it for many years and then return to it fresh again. I'm quite fond of the models above, but in some ways would like to try my hand at them again. Have any of you guys been out of the hobby for many years and then come back into it again?