Evening folks! I've just finished work on Nagash. Here's a few photos of the finished model.

I've taken a few ideas from the GW studio paint job. But with my own twists.The robes are more of an indigo than straight out purple and I've kept to a pallid greenish-blue for the spirits. Highlighted to bright white.

I ad a thought when I started this model With so many glowing spirits swirling about. Natural light would be minimally visible. So I highlighted pretty much everything using the same pale blue-green as the spirits.

Something else that's a bit different from the norm. I used patterns and swirls to add form and detail to the shading and highlights. Like the whole of Nagash's form is writhing with movement. It helped to add interest to the large areas of robed bits.

One of the most fun parts of this project was the freehand painting on the sword blade. It was a perfect area and I just could't resist.

I also may of done a little bit of freehand painting in the glowing pools of Nagash's base. Just feint and subtle ghostly faces.

By the way. When choosing a base. I wanted something sturdy with a deep recess. I chose an MDF movement tray for the bulk of the base and the island in the centre is a hacked up and smoothed resin base which I blended into the main base with putty and black acrylic pumice paste. The pools are made using several layers of water effect liquid mixed with various blues and greens. The faces where painted in about halfway through the layering.