Hey all, today I thought I'd share the new Plasma Obliterator that I worked on. I have mixed feeling's about this model.

On one side I like the way it looks, it is a big model for the price you are paying and I enjoyed painting it. However this model almost drove me crazy trying to put it together. In short, what was GW thinking as hardly any of the parts fit and the way you have to assemble it is a juggling act. It took myself and my wife together almost 3 hours to construct it. It's hard to describe without showing you first hand, but a combination of parts not wanting to fit and having 2 people trying desperately to hold the model in place whilst gluing is a tough chore.

When it came to painting I chose a similar colour scheme to some other terrain pieces that I painted last year. What do you guys think? Have any of you had the misfortune of assembling this model?