Why do I get the impression the Imperial Knight pilot is saying "come at me bro"? Today on the blog I wanted to share a special repaint. I've revisited my first Hierophant and painted areas of it to match my second Hierophant. More pics after the jump. 

This model previously used green as a spot colour. It was used on the skin vents and any organic looking pipes. The carapace wasn't as highlighted as it is now. The blacks look a lot softer with some  nice bluey-grey area highlighting.

The old claws had a stripey effect on them. I've carefully glazed and blended soft layers over the top to it's a lot less subtle. In the above picture you can see clearly that this monster now features my trademark yellow spots. I much prefer this to the crazy patterning before. 

The biocannons have been repainted with soft blends from black to purple. This has also been added to the tongue and the carapace vents. 

This marine has been dropped in the shot for scale purposes. It's easy to forget the scale of some of these big creatures because there are so many huge kits out there now. 

Just for fun, here are a couple more Ultramarines who just want to punch the biotitan. 

Stay tuned for one more project repaint post.