I've always liked the concept of the Lictor. It's the Tyranid equivalent of Predator. A near invisible creature that stalks it's prey, picking them off one at a time. Over the years I've collected these five models. Finally, after some touch ups their paint jobs all match. Individual shots (including the rare limited edition Lictor) after the jump.

Above is a picture of the original models taken in 2010. I've repainted the carapace patterns, the bone leg armour and replaced any green for purple. I also rebased the classic lictor. My photography has got a lot better as well. 

The Lictor above is a Death Leaper. I received him in a trade years ago. The odd thing with him is his head is a standard Lictor and not the six-eyed Death Leaper head. I prefer this head though so it's cool. 

This Lictor is a Limited Edition that was only available in a Mail Order Army Bundle. His head sculpt is subtly different but his scything talons are closed and retracted. Apart from that he's the same as a normal Lictor. 

This one above is a standard Lictor. 

The Lictor above with flesh hooks bursting from his rib cage is the original and my favourite Lictor. It's from second edition 40k and it's one of my all time favourite sculpts. The original sketch (below) was by one of my hobby heroes Jes Goodwin. I'm sure he sculpted the model above as well. It was so far ahead of it's time. I think it still looks right at home in a contemporary Tyranid army. 

Jes Goodwin sketch of the Lictor from the 1990s.

This Lictor has a special back story. Veterans of the Warseer forum will remember fondly the moderator Brimstone aka Jon. Jon sadly passed away from a heart attack in 2009. My friend Bob was close friends with Jon and they ran a club together. Bob sold Jon's hobby collection to raise funds for the family of Jon. I'd met Jon once at Watford War-games Federation and he was a really nice guy so I felt compelled to buy several of Jon's Tyranid models. One was this Lictor who was missing his talons. After sourcing a couple of new style Lictor claws I painted this Lictor in the honour of Jon. He will forever be known as Jon the Lictor.  Here's the post from The Warhammer Forum back from May 2010 where I dedicated the model. Below you can see the original model that Brimstone owned. RIP Brimstone.

Brimestone's Lictor model