Last Saturday I picked up a new box of Imperial Kniaght Warden. The set consists of the usual Imperial Knight parts and features a new sprue with additional parts to make Knight Crusader, Warden and Gallant. The additional sprue comes at an extra £10 on top of already quite a steep price tag of £85. Another addition to the box is a shiny magazine like colour booklet with instructions, rules and colour schemes. I definitely think the instructions are not gaining from being in colour, but the colourschemes at the end are helpful and even advise on paints. 

There are left over bits that can be potentially magnetized to give more weapon and face options.

I think perhaps the extra sprue could have been a more economical option if sold as a separate upgrade rather than part of the box set. I do have a strange feeling that this new set might replace existing Imperial Knight box in the future.

I am going to paint this guy either in Blue of House Terryn or Green of House Cadmus. He took the whole day to put together and I have to keep quite a few bits off to paint separately. I remember when I painted him last year it was quite a massive job with all the hunderds of transfers and golden rims, took me 3 days or so.

As for the base, I'm keeping it fairly simple, a bit of cork and will add some rocks later, once I have placed the model onto the base.

I like this model, so it's nice to be able to paint it again. What do you guys think, do any of you own the model and what colour schemes work for you?