Hello everyone! My name is Jamie Hudson or HudoftheDead depending on where you know me from. I'm super happy that I get to make my first contribution to Tale of Painters showcasing my 500 point Blood Angel force.

A friend of mine decided to organise a 500 point league that's mostly just for fun and with no restrictions apart from the points limit. The new Blood Angel Codex had just dropped and I decided to paint up a small detachment based purely on the models I liked.

I already have a sizeable Blood Angel army but with the new Tactical Squad kit out I couldn't wait to paint some and add them to my collection. Its a great kit with loads of detail and was really fun to paint. I've gone for a really clean, bright look as I imagine the Angels take pride in their appearance.

The Baal Predator was next on my list because I never owned the tank and what kind of a Blood Angels army goes to war without one? I really hate painting vehicles but I'm reasonably pleased with the way this came out. Added a little bit of dirt around the tracks but kept it to a minimum. 10 points if you can guess what film I was watching while painting it?


Quickly running out of points I needed to get some characters in there. I was lucky enough to get the reissue of Space Hulk and decided to convert up the librarian to lead my force. I removed his Stormbolter and replaced it with a shield from the Blood Angel Terminator Assault Squad box and had a spare cape from the Karlaen Deathstorm model and with a bit of work it fitted snugly.

I had a few points left over and I think the Priest is good value for what he can bring to the table or more importantly I love painting new models. I had to go for the helmet option because the default face is a bit meh in my opinion but other than that he's great.

So with my force complete they were ready to take on whatever the universe could throw at them! I've played about 10 games so far and I've lost them all bar one and that was a draw. Oh the shame! They will be heading back to Baal to receive more training I think. But at the end of the day I had a great time painting these up and am eager to get more Sons of Sanguinius finished.