Today I can present you the finished Chaplain for my small but growing Blood Angels collection. Check out more pictures after the jump.

All in all, the Chaplain was a very fun model to paint, and a welcome change after painting the massive Fire Prism. It's my favourite Chaplain sculpt ever, and I was happy to finally add it to my collection. In my last post I raised the question, whether I should paint the knee pad red or not. As you can see, I went with the red, and I feel it was the right decision.

To make the model a bit more Blood Angels specific, I added a backpack from the Blood Angels tactical squad kit.

One of our readers asked how I do the script on the parchment. Well, actually it's not a big secret. I use black paint which I thinned with a little bit of VGC Black Ink, and a very small brush.

How do you like the model?