Guys, check out the finished Fire Prism for my Craftworld Iybraesil collection. More pictures and explanation after the jump.

This is the second Fire Prism I've painted. The first one belonged to my now sold Saim-Hann army, check it out here. Back then I shortened the barrel of the prism cannon to make the model look more like the old Fire Prism model. This time I kept the long barrel. I also used the side skirts/hull extension pieces that come with Forge World's Type II models. I think they work well with the Fire Prism's elongated turret.

The painting went rather smooth. I've done a couple of grav tanks and walkers for my Iybraesil warhost by now, so it was rather routine. There are still a couple of rough spots, so there is still room for improvement for the next Engine of Vaul.

What I like most about the paint job is that it feels quite colourful, even though the paint scheme consists of only three colours (four if you count black).

How do you like the model? Tell me in the comments.